10 best Electronic Educational Kits for beginners

10 best Electronic Educational Kits for beginners

Today we are going to talk about the 10 best Electronic Educational Kits to learn more about robotics, electronics, programming, etc. We will choose toys or educational sets that do not require initial knowledge about electronics or programming, being ideal to offer children, young people and even adults who want to start in this area or to be a great base to leave the “pet” in these educational areas.

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1: Mbot Explorer Makeblock Kit

Mbot kit

This is one of the most popular electronic kits for those who want to easily learn about robotics. This product allows already comes pre-programmed, with an infrared command that allows performing several tasks. Full control is also possible via APP for Smartphone. The make block yet developed the software to allow smartphone or tablet through the program by this clever toy blocks. Control by directional buttons, line follower, obstacle avoidance, gyro control, musical notes, are some of the easy features to use in this toy. It also makes it possible to make upgrades of dozens of additional modules or sensors.

2: Arduino UNO Intermediate Kit

Arduino kit

The Arduino UNO Intermediate Kit contains an excellent set of various sensors and electronic components that allow you to do countless projects! It includes dozens of components that will be useful for those who want to get started in the Arduino world.

At the price level, quality is a great option, taking into account that in this case, you have also included an ebook (pdf book), which will help you learn to Program Arduino and develop programming logic.

3: Croc & Play EBotics Makey Makey GO- Creative Interaction Kit

Croc & Play EBotics

Make music with bananas? Do not believe? Then the Croc & Play EBotics Makey Makey GO- Creative Interaction Kit is the solution. This set is super fun to learn a little more about electronics, especially to draw attention to the younger ones. You will see that it is amazing what you can do with this set

4: Solar Boar Kit

Solar Boar Kit

Easy to assemble, solar energy without batteries, fun and cheap are the most interesting features of this educational kit. Due to its simple electronics logic, it helps to understand the logic of solar energy for young people and how it can serve to create movement. In addition, this set also allows the understanding and development of mechanical skills of the youngest.

5: Bee-Bot Programmable Educational kit

Bee-Bot kit

Bee-Bot is an interesting robot, produced specifically for use by young children. This colourful, easy-to-use and helpful little robot is a perfect tool for teaching sequencing, evaluating, troubleshooting and just having pleasure!

6: Robot Arm Educational Kit

Robot arm educational kit

Robot Arm Kit for the Future Engineer! Assemble this Robot Arm and discover how fun electronics and machinists works.

Start the world of elementary robotic technology and create your own 5 Arm Robot Arm.

The Robot Arm contains a control unit with five switches and cable connections, a rotating base, elbow and wrist joints and a functional clamp.

7: Robot Zowi Kit

Robot zowi kit

We present you a nice robot with a mission: to teach children that technology can be transparent, accessible and fun. It is a toy, but it is also an entire ecosystem with a large didactic component. In addition, it is a free robot: both its physical design, its programming and the respective app are available to anyone who wants to understand and modify them.

8: Robot Mind Designer Kit

Robot Mind Designer kit

The Robot Mind Information is the new intelligent robot which introduces the child to the coding and design, accompanying him to the discovery of arithmetic and geometry. With the integration of voice recognition, this unique robot will recognize and follow the commands given by the child, giving him the possibility to learn about drawing, arithmetic and geometry in an intense and fun way!

9: Robot Coko Kit

Robot coco kit

Robot Coko is the child’s first step in the universe of robotics and programming. This Didactic Toy from Clementoni, in the form of a Robot Crocodile, promises to Help Children from Three Years of Age to Develop an Understanding of Cause-Effect Relations. In addition, it stimulates logical thinking and spatial orientation.

10: Welding Educational Kit for Beginners

Welding Educational Kit

The most fun welding initiation ever! This Educational Welding Kit is easy for anyone who wants to start welding. In addition to soldering iron, they also have some modules to solder, when completing the task of correctly soldering all components will be a pleasant surprise.

Another area essential to electronics or robotics is welding. Welding electronic components and decoding logic and assembly is essential to enter this world; it is not only a fun set but also in this kit are the tools you need for a lifetime of exploration!

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