DIY Wifi Repeater using ESP8266 NodeMCU

DIY Wifi Repeater using ESP8266 NodeMCU

The most frustrating moment while browsing is the drop-in of the Wifi signal. If you’re living in a 2 storey house and the wifi modem is on the ground floor most of the time you won’t be getting good signal strength on the top floor. In this article, I will be showing you how to create your own DIY cheap wifi repeater using only an Esp8266 NodeMCU.

Things you need

  • ESP8266 NodemMCU
  • ESPFlashDownloadTool (Software)
  • Firmware for NodeMCU

Step 1 : Download all the required files

  • Download the esp_wifi_repeater GitHub repository by martin-ger, No need to download the entire repository, only 2 binary files need to be downloaded.
    Download 0x00000.bin and 0x02000.bin

Step 2 : Flash the firmware

  • Open the flash_download_tools_v3.6.8.exe file
  • Select ESP8266 DownloadTool
  • Select the 2 previously downloaded binary files. and change the settings as per the below image.
  • Verify the COM port using the device manager and select the proper one
  • Press Start, I will take less than 30 seconds to flash it.

Step 3 : Configure the Wifi

  • Once the flash is successfully completed, restart your NodeMCU.
  • Check the available Wifi network, there should be a network with name MyAP, connect to that network. This is the access point created by NodeMCU
  • Open any browser and go to the IP address
    If the page is not loading try (0 – 24)
  • In the STA Settings enter the name of Wifi network whose signal need to be extended. both SSID , Password and click connect
  • Now in AP Settings enter SSID and password for the new Wifi network (Extended wifi name), you can even set different password for the extended network. and click Set
  • Check your available wifi network you can see your new extended wifi network.

If you have any questions please leave in the comment session .

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