Fight the COVID-19 pandemic with your Raspberry Pi or old Laptops [Fold for Covid]

Fight the COVID-19 pandemic with your Raspberry Pi or old Laptops [Fold for Covid]

The whole world is now fighting a common enemy now. If you are thinking of helping to this cause, but don’t know how you can contribute or where to start. Here is quick and simple was to help scientists and researchers by donating your computing power. The name of the project is Fold for Covid.
You don’t need any scientific or research knowledge to be a part of this.

How does it work?

The aim of this project is to donate your computing powers of your old laptops, single-board computers like Raspberry pi. For the COVID-19 researchers and scientists to do complex simulations of proteins.
Once your device is ready it will automatically connect to their server and starts to download and execute programs.

Who is doing this ?

Fold for COVID is initiated by Baker Lab at the University of Washington. At Baker Lab scientists and researchers are learning the protein binding. To discover a compound that secures to spike protein on covid19 virus molecules.

How will my device help, What will be it’s task

As I mentioned earlier you don’t need to do anything after setting up your device. It will complete the task assigned to it automatically, just make sure it’s getting proper network connection.
Your device will be solving complex simulations. It will automatically download the required work package from the Rosetta. Does the simulation on your device and pushes the result back to Rosetta.

Let’s get started

Setup your Raspberry to fight COVID-19

  • Select network type, Ethernet or Wifi
  • If the connection type is Wifi, then enter the SSID and password for the network. and press Download balenaOS
  • You will need balenaEtcher for flashing the OS to your Raspberry. So download the balena etcher
  • Before flashing the OS, format your SD card using SD card formatter
  • Open balenaEtcher, select the downloaded zip file and flash the balenaOS to the SD card
  • Once the flashing is completed, inserted the SD card in your Pi and power the device
  • Now your device will automatically join the global fight against COVID-19.
  • You can cross-check if your device is connected to the wifi network by
    opening the router settings
  • You can monitor the performance of your device by going to this address  http://foldforcovid.local (Make sure you are also connected Wi-Fi network)

Is you are facing any technical issue please feel free to ask in the comment session or in this forum.

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